Philadelphia Housing Trust Fund

Expanding Housing Opportunities & Revitalizing Neighborhoods

Legislation & Requirements

The Philadelphia Housing Trust Fund has several requirements governing its operations:

Eligible Uses
Trust Fund resources can be used to:

a. Increase production of affordable housing for sale or rental;

b. Increase the accessibility of new and existing affordable housing to physically disabled occupants and increase the supply of Visitable housing;

c. Preserve affordable housing, including but not limited to grants for basic systems repair or improvement of owner-occupied homes, adaptive modification or for the targeted improvement of facades; and

d. Prevent or reduce homelessness, including but not limited to emergency assistance to prevent and/or end homelessness or near homelessness by maintaining households in their own residences when eviction is imminent through rent and mortgage arrearage assistance, or for security deposits, utility assistance, and long-term hotel, motel, or boarding home rental assistance.

Income Targeting
To ensure the Trust Fund addresses the housing needs of a broad range of households, half of the program funds are targeted to families and individuals earning 30% or less of area median income, and half are targeted to families and individuals earning between 30% and 115% of median (see chart below).

Housing Production
The creation of new affordable homes by non-profit community development organizations has been identified as a primary priority for Trust Fund investments. This not only expands the supply of quality affordable homes, but also serves as a key stimulus for sustainable neighborhood revitalization. The Trust Fund requires that at least 50% of its program resources go toward the production of new affordable homes that are built by non-profit organizations or through joint-ventures with a non-profit partner.

To increase housing accessibility of the City’s housing stock, new construction housing developments receiving Trust Fund resources are required to make all their units Visitable within certain parameters. New construction developments must also make 10% of their units accessible to people with mobility impairments and 4% accessible to people with sensory impairments. Home repair funds are also utilized to make existing occupied homes accessible for people with disabilities.

Up to 15% of Trust Fund resources can be allocated for City administrative costs as allowed by state enabling legislation.

Proposed yearly expenditures from the Trust Fund shall be incorporated into the City’s annual Consolidated Plan submitted to City Council for approval.

All Housing Trust Fund grants and loans shall be awarded pursuant to an open, competitive process.

All programs and projects funded by the Trust Fund shall adhere to Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Requirements set forth in the City’s annual Consolidated Plan.

Copies of the City Council Ordinance, Mayoral Executive Order and State Enabling Legislation for the Philadelphia Housing Trust Fund can be downloaded below:

State Enabling Legislation
City Council Ordinance
Mayoral Executive Order

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