Choosing Download or Download-Free Online Casino Software

Many online casinos offer download-free software, leading some casino players to ask why anyone would ever download software. Many players don’t really think about the options all that much, but then they discover that they’ve selected a casino which limits their choices, and they are confused as to their options. If you’re confused about your options, read on. This article will help you select the right kind of gaming software for an ideal online gambling experience.

First, you need to know the basic difference between download and non-download software. The basic difference is very simple. With download software, the casino gives you a computer program that you install onto your hard disk. That program communicates with the program that runs on the online casino’s server. If you use no-download software, the pictures you see are stored in a temporary place on your disk, which is deleted when you’re finished using the casino or whenever your temporary files are cleaned out. All of the program functions occur on the casino’s web server.

There are obvious advantages to each of the two options. The advantages of using download-free software mainly apply to people who use more than one computer or who share their computer with others. If you use several computers on a regular basis, it’s easier to use a web-based casino, and not to be troubled with downloading the software to each individual computer. This is especially true if there are other users who use the same computers. If the software is installed, then some users may choose to uninstall the software as unnecessary, and others may choose to play with the software. Some software offers you the option of storing your password. If you’ve selected that option, then you may be leaving your casino account open to other users.

Online Casino SoftwareOn the other hand, downloading software is advantageous for people who mainly use one computer and are the primary users of that computer. Downloaded software generally has better graphics and more realistic sounds, and the games often run faster. You’ll also find that you have more options for how your interface works. You may be able to turn on and off sounds, use different graphics, or play more than one game at a time. Additionally, you won’t have to enter your login information each time if you opt to have the software remember your login information.

You may be in a situation that makes both of these options appealing. For example, you might have one computer that you use most of the time, but you might want the option of using your online casino account from somewhere else on occasion. Some online casinos offer you both options. Some online casinos offer software for download that allows you to play all the casino’s games with full graphics, while allowing you to play a more limited number of games with fewer graphics with no download. These can be a great option for some players, but it’s important to note that many of these sites only offer some of their games, and these may not be the games you want to play. Before you make your decision, make sure that the online casino offers the games you want in the format you want!